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Tatum Christine as Brother Personal Trainer

MODEL IN THIS VIDEO: Tatum Christine  

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Your sweet sister is upset that she doesn’t fit the unrealistic body expectations on instagram, you tell her she is hot, but that doesn’t mean much if it comes from her brother. Since you know some gym stuff you can teach her some things. After doing some workout poses Tatum Christine notices how you look at her. She starts rubbing and sucking your cock. To complete the workout you gonna stretch her out a bit, but you had no idea what she really meant. She continues to jerk your dick with her big ass cheeks before you fuck her from behind. As you pound her from behind in reverse cowgirl you get closer and closer to cumming. Your sister wants all that saved cum on her body. She wraps her hands around your cock so you can blast all over her breasts and pretty face. After you blow your load over her she tastes a bit of your cum. You gotta keep a tight schedule to continue this workout with your sister!

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