In search for the best live cam portals…

In search for the best live cam portals...
Last time we explored our favorite recorded cam video portal. Filled with tons of webcamrips of beautiful ladies in various actions ranging from simple solo fingering to wild couples anal fuck fests. All available for free without registration and unwanted ads! That last thing is pretty important. Most free cam sites are filled with lame popups, noisy video banners and so on. But this one is pure, focusing only to provide the best user experience. But let’s take a look at some other ad-less cam portals too, however this time we will dive into some interesting categories. Like Asian and Trans webcams. Both sites are pretty similar in build and both are pretty basic so you won’t get lost and can focus on the girls alone!

Asian Cam Girl Live

In search for the best live cam portals...
As the title suggests this site is purely filled with Asian live cam action. Updated every minute 24/7. What’s so special about this portal is, that you can watch multiple streams in a single window. You can’t even do that at the large cam sites like Chaturbate. So you just basically open the page and click on the various thumbnails and the asian live cam show is going to be loaded in a small sub-window. This is especially handy when you have a large screen, or you are surfing on a big ass TV! You can open up to 3 asian camgirls at once. Otherwise the site is pretty basic. You can sort the camgirls by name, age, language and location. And the site also shows they basic info below the thumbnails with a great addition what is online time. So you can basically check for how long they have been live!

Trans Webcam

Czech Casting Eva 1312
Our next pick is for the gourmets. Could seem like a bold move to talk about trans cams below hot Asian chicks, but according to multiple sources including wikipedia, mostly heterosexuals are attracted to trans people. So it’s time to explore some kinky stuff, basically what the Internet was made for in the first place 🙂 Travestit live cams have been around for ages, but why we picked this portal is the same reason why we did with the above one. It’s basic, simple and straight to the point. No ads interrupting, just showing the action. I would advise to surf this one in Chrome, because that’s the one where it works the best. The site got the same features – you can load multiple cams in the same window, organize the performers by age, name etc.

So, What's Your Choice?

Are you going to go with the old classic one the hot Asian camgirls or you want to explore your naughty side with some live trans cams? The choice is yours, but both sites are for free. So I would advise to