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Lindsey is an extremely attractive, bubbly and sexy blonde teenager. She’s got a charming persona to go with it. Lindsey works as a phlebotomist as are all our wonderful candidates, she’s bored of it. She’s going to try to suck and fiddle her way to success. She’s a jolly girl with plenty of fun and it’s a wonderful experience getting to get to know her. We learn some interesting information about her doing the two guys in classes when she was at high school. She could be perfect in this sort of job. She’s got a gorgeous little starfish, chocolate and pussy that I’m eager to get her in the plow. We take her out of that romper appearing adorable with their red bras and pants. She’s even prettier naked and in front of us, showing us her asshole. We are able to get a little bit of a sexy plug in her mouth and I can put my cock into her mouth. She isn’t disappointed. Also, that girl or that arse. We had a blast having a blast fucking all over the office. She’s a flamboyant gal. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of flogging her. She’s a great performer performing her first real anal. She even states that it feels good once we reach the end. She puts on a very tense lip to ass with some fantastic gapes and then I wrap her up with a hot and warm cuss. When she’s dressed as we try to push her out of the way however, it seems she’s not on birth control. We’re also freshly out of plan-B. So , Rick’s got to take what’s known as the RESPONSIBLEEEEE thing and go to get one of the early in the morning after taking pills. A plan-B can muddy your plan-A, has always been my stance, however I don’t want her seeking me out for child support or a untrue. Whatever the case, Rick was nice enough to capture her using the plan B, at least to keep me safe and you’ll be able to be able to see it too.

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